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2023.  Nutrition system and method, Machinery for Bio-integration

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Description and concept:

Nourishatron is an AI-Driven Closed Nutrition Loop system combining AI and nanotechnology in a NourishCycle procedure. User interaction through a triangular button prompts the system to generate distinct dishes. Each button activation facilitates atomic-level nanotechnological adjustments, resulting in AI-formulated dishes. Nourishatron’s hardware includes a bio-integration component, replacing approximately 50% of the user’s body mass with machinery.

Technical specifications

Year: 2023
Technique: Hero video animation (3840x2160), Document in a custom format.
Dimensions: Variable, minimum: 3m x 5m

  • July 19, 2023. - Information Design Deparment, Tama Art University, Japan.


Direction and concept: Yonlay Cabrera.
Advisor: Akihiro Kubota,  Yukata Nakamura
Animation: Yonlay Cabrera.

Music and Foley: Yurii Radko.
Support: Tama Art University, SideFX.

Hero video - Stills
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