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BED Series

2024. Solo show.

Description and concept:

The works in this series originate theoretically from the polysemic use of the Triangle in Japanese Culture, which can serve as a quantum-mechanical symbol whose meaning changes depending on observation (its usage). Unlike symbols like the Circle or the Cross that have fixed interpretations ("yes" and "not", respectively), the Triangle encompasses many meanings such as 'doubt,' 'neither,' 'uncertainty,' 'don't know,' and 'indifference,' among many others. Each project in the series embodies the complexities of this symbol in Japanese social communication while conceptualizing Speculative Inventions at the interplay between fact and fiction, focusing on redefining dwelling limits. Dwelling, in this context, includes (1) Dwelling in an immediate area, (2) the Body as a dwelling, and (3) Dwelling in the larger societal context. Inspired by The International Chindogu Society (Kenji Kawakami, 2009) and The Hyperspace Research Institute (John St.Clair, 2002-2005), the series explores ideas like a Financial Control Smart Contract, Reality Distortion Wearables, a Nano-Opioid analgesic, and a God-like Hypothetical megastructure.

The main components of the works are hero video animations and documents in a custom format. Starting from the base concept of each project, the goal is not to conform to a restrictive framework but to seek spaces of freedom within this self-imposed structure. The hero videos blend 3D character animation, AI text-to-image generation, and VFX, incorporating elements from Japanese-style TV shows, promotional posters, video ads, cyberpunk imagery, and product launches/demos. The documents integrate the conventions of technical papers and patent applications with a customized LaTeX class and package configuration. This setup prescribes the formatting, including font type and size, page layout, paragraph numbering, and link style, acting first as blueprints for the animations and then as a literary record of my work.

Technical specifications

Year: 2023
Technique: Hero video animations (3840x2160; 00:35:00), Documents in a custom format, table.
Dimensions: Variable, minimum: 3m x 5m

  • February 26, 2024. - Tama Art University Doctoral Program Graduation Exhibition 2024. Art-théque Gallery, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan.


Support received from:

This work was possible with the support of the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship and the free access to the top industry-standard software, granted by SideFX/Houdini, Adobe, Maxon, Blender Foundation, Blackmagic Design, and Foundry.


Blender | SideFx Houdini | Adobe Suite (After Effects, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere) | Unreal Engine (Metahuman) | Nuke | Black Magic (DaVinci Resolve, Fusion) | Maxon Suite (Redshift, Cinema4D, Red Giant) | Stable Diffusion | ControlNet | “G-Diffuser” by Christyopher Friesen and Stable Cabal | NVIDIA Omniverse | Dalle2 | LexicaArt | RunwayML | ChatGPT | DeepL | Pureref | Google Colab | Google Docs | Sublime Text | Pexels | Overleaf | DAZ3D | 3D scanner App | Eleven Labs | Cascadeur | Leia Pix | Pixabay (Asim Bashir) | ComfyUI | "Geometric Shapes v2 with new Hi-Res Fix" workflow for ComfyUI by @cerspense | Pytorch/MiDaS | "Model Photon - v1" Stable Diffusion Checkpoint by @Photographer | Accurig | Octane renderer (Blender Free Tier)


Direction and Concept: Yonlay Cabrera
Animation: Yonlay Cabrera
Advisors: Akihiro Kubota, Yukata Nakamura
Music: Yurii Radko
Procedural generation: Eduardo Cateura
Early assets creation: Eduardo Cateura

Hero video - Stills
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