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Bedside magazines

2017-2019. Videoinstallation. Android app.

Description and concept

The independent Cuban magazines are one of the most interesting phenomena of the contemporary Cuban context. They fill a void in the institutional media landscape, offering topics that aren’t covered by governmental media. Independent Cuban magazines have created a new kind of media institution. Magazine producers are creative and audacious and have covered information niches that are in high demand by the Cuban audience. The reach of their distribution is impossible to determine statistically because of the format of the phenomenon and the strange logic of its social fabric. Here lies the challenge of the project: Is it possible to study socially distributed media and the network of independent magazines circulated offline in Cuba?

Technical specifications

Title: Bedside magazines [Revistas de cabecera]
Year: 2017-2018
Technique: Videoinstallation. Android app (RDC.apk), RDC Managuer, RDC Cloud, motion graphics explainer video (1920x1080, duration: 00:01:06), live-action explianer video (1920x1080, duration: 00:02:30), audio file (duration: 00:03:00), several public events.



  • June 7, 2019. As part of the solo show <H1> Hello Tokyo </ h1>. ARTnSHELTER Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

  • April 13, 2019. Havana Biennale in: SDR (collective show), Havana, Cuba.

  • ABR 2018 - 2019. Permanent space at Ludwing Fundation.

    • Negolution Magazine - February 2019

    • El arca Magazine - November 2018

    • Play Off Magazine - October 2018

    • Garbos Magazine - September 2018

    • El toque Magazine - June 2018

    • Apulpso Magazine - May 2018

  • March 11, 2018. Gorría Worshop-Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

  • February 1, 2018. Art for the Offline Internet: el paquete semanal on the Download. New museum, New York, United States.


Direction y concept: Yonlay Cabrera, Dianett Quintana
Programming: Gustavo Viera, Antonio Serrano
Graphic Design: Alejandro Romero
Animation: Alexander Collazo
Live action explainer video: Néstor Siré
Production: Colectivo Más voces, Real Embassy of Norway in Cuba.

Presentation - ARTnSHELTER Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Presentation - Havana Biennale, Havana, Cuba
Presentation - Gorria Workshop-Gallery, Havana, Cuba
Presentation of the proyect to the directors of the magazines - Roma bar, Havana, Cuba
Aplication for mobile devices

The main component of the project is an app for mobile devices. It allows access to independent Cuban magazines through personalized searches for specific content, sections, and magazines. The app also aims to establish direct contact with readers and provide them with the ability to generate feedback regarding the magazines' consumption.