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2023.  System of financial control, RSI score, Smart contract

Description and concept:

This work is inspired by my experiences of financial exclusion as someone born in Cuba and living as an unemployed foreigner in Japan. These experiences made me reflect on the subtle mechanisms of exclusion in society, which led me to develop the idea for Cclox, a dystopian concept for a system of financial control through an AI-controlled pill implanted in childhood. Cclox functions like a "smart contract" that connects subjects' wallets to a blockchain containing a credit amount. In this scenario, a subject's Cclox implant releases a lethal agent if the subject runs out of funds, resulting in the subject's demise.

Technical specifications

Year: 2023
Technique: An implanted AI-controlled lethal pill. Hero video animation (3840x2160), Document in a custom format.
Dimensions: Variable, minimun: 3m x 5m

  • July 19, 2023. - Information Design Department, Tama Art University, Japan.


Direction and concept: Yonlay Cabrera.
Advisor: Akihiro Kubota,  Yukata Nakamura
Animation: Yonlay Cabrera.

Music and Foley: Yurii Radko.
Support: Tama Art University, SideFX.

Hero video - Stills
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