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2017. Videoinstalación.

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Description and concept

In 2017, it had been a year since the introduction of digital television in Cuba. Due to the precariousness of the infrastructure, it was common for the signal to be poor and decoding errors to occur. On January 27, in the Stellar Broadcast of the Cuban television's newscast, a political parade was being broadcast, in celebration of the birthday of Cuba's national hero, José Martí. Just at the time of the cultural news section, one of the aforementioned transmission errors began which, upon recovery, coincided with the end of the Newscast. By pure chance, I was able to record that precise moment, less than a minute long. In the presentation in the space, the corrupted video (as obtained by the decoding device) is projected in unison on various projection mediums. Each medium interprets the video differently and the viewer attends a multi-colored and abstract show, though at the same time suffocating and threatening.

Technical specifications

Title: Cuba_20170127
Year of creation: 2017
Technique: Videoinstallation. Capture adquired with a digital TV decoder Gelect HD-HL1209

  • March 24, 2017. GlitchMix, Not an error. Figueroa-Vives Studio, Havana, Cuba.

Video - Stills
Presentation - Figueroa-Vives Studio, Havana, Cuba
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