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2016-2017. Installation, videoanimation, printed graphics.

Description and concept

The project uses meta-heuristics and optimization algorithms to continue the research of Romanian-Cuban artist Sandú Darié on the spatial distribution of structures based on initial design constraints (Darié, 1960). To this end, a software (DBhouse) was implemented, which allows single-line descriptions to be obtained from two-dimensional diagrams, in an iterative manner. The diagrams made represent some of the most difficult social problems to address in Cuba. At the time of presentation, the viewer is exhorted to find their own solutions to the diagrams.


  • Darié, S. (1960). Ideas generales sobre arte (Manuscript). Cuban Museum of Fine Arts collection , 1-2.

Technical specifications

Title: DIAGRAMS 2017
Year: 2016-2017

  • Large version: Installation, Videoanimation, Vinyl impression and laser engrave over acrylic (6 pieces). DBhouse Software, Python programming.

  • Small version: Inkjet Print and laser engrave over paper (6 pieces framed). DBhouse Software, Python programming.


  • June 7, 2019. As part of the solo show <H1> Hello Tokyo </ h1>. ARTnSHELTER Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

  • October 26, 2017. Carmelo González Gallery (Culture House of Plaza), Havana, Cuba.


Direction y concept: Yonlay Cabrera
Programming: Gustavo Viera, Antonio Serrano
Design: Mauricio Vega
Documentation: Lianet Cruz
Production: Real Embassy of Norway in Cuba, Development Center of Visual Arts.

Screenshots of the DBhouse software
Presentation - ARTnSHELTER Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Presentation - Carmelo González Gallery, Havana, Cuba
Video - Stills