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Havana on you

2016. Interactive data visualization.

Description and concept

The project takes the following question as its point of departure: Is the city's cultural representation an extension of the subject's identity? At present, this type of question inevitably derives from content shared on social networks. “La Habana en ti” (“Havana on you”) consists of an interactive data visualization, where the viewer's image is generated using thousands of photos taken from Instagram, related to Havana via geolocation. The database is constantly updated as long as the work is connected to the Internet, and it is technically possible to continue obtaining new images.

Technical specifications

Title: Havana on you
Year of creation: 2013-2016
Technique: Interactive data visualization. Rasberry Pi Ship, TV (32”, FullHD), dataset of images.
Edition: 2 + 2AP


  • October 14, 2016. Frequency and time. Casa 26 Gallery, Havana, Cuba.


Direction and concept: Yonlay Cabrera
Programming and hardware: Gustavo Viera, Antonio Serrano

Presentation - Casa 26 Gallery, Havana, Cuba
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