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2019. UX concept. Video animation (motion graphic explainer video and App prototype concept), drawing on wood board, framed collage.

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Description and concept

Current academic evaluation systems produce predictable and not particularly enjoyable results in human responses. However, what if we were to apply those same systems to interactive machine learning loops? Would it be possible to achieve 'the enjoyment of the unpredictable' in the responses of artificial intelligence systems by doing so?

In Japan a very particular notation system is employed in academic evaluation: circle for 'correct', triangle for 'regular' and cross for 'incorrect'. The project uses this notation as a reference to conceptualize a generic interface with the ability to activate any type of device. Its application scope will be oriented to emotion-based interaction with future responsive habitats capable of changing their own shape.

Technical specifications

Title: HYnalog
Year: 2019
Technique: UX concept. Motion graphic explainer video (1920x1080, duration: 00:01:10), App prototype concept video (1920x1080, duration: 00:01:02), drawing on wood board (170cm x 100cm), framed collage, Monitor (24”, Full HD), headphones, table.
Dimensions: Variable, minimum: 3m x 2m

  • September 30, 2019. Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan.


Direction y Concept: Yonlay Cabrera
Technical Advisor: Luis Diago
Production: Tama Art University Graduate School, Information Design Department; Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Science (MIMS).

Explainer Video - Stills
App prototype concept - Stills
Presentation - Tama Art University
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