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2019. Context-free Language. Motion graphics animation, drawing.

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Description and concept

"LiA (Language for Interface Analysis)" is an implementation of the representation of the Universe according to the Zen master Sengai Gibon, as a context-free language (Salomaa, 1973). The language makes use of three fundamental entities: subject, space, and environment. These entities are broken down into various corresponding sub-entities embodying some of the possible states and behaviors that they may adopt; as an example, the "subject" entity may spawn the following sub-entities: influencer, hacker and guru, among others. The relational elements used by the language are three roles that machines may assume: influence, conditioning and interrelation. After applying a set of production rules, some valid character organization strings (symbols) can be obtained, which are translated into predictions regarding the possible future of humanity.


Technical specifications

Title: LiA
Year: 2019
Technique: Context-free Language. Motion graphics animation (1920x1080, duration: 00:02:56), collection of drawings, table, lamp, projector.
Dimension: Variable, minimum: 3m x 2m.

  • December 19, 2019. Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan.


Direction y Concept: Yonlay Cabrera
Technical Advisor: Akihiro Kubota, Luis Diago
Production: Tama Art University Graduate School, Information Design Department.

Explainer Video - Stills
Presentation - Tama Art University
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