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2012. Software, Processing 1.5

Description and concept

Part of the rhetoric of the Cuban government is the attempt to maintain a spotless image to the world. The project consists of a re-implementation of the game Minesweeper (version included in the Windows XP installation). Upon activating a square, instead of the corresponding numbers with the number of mines around it, letters are found, these as a whole make up fragments of the manifesto presented by Cuba at the convention on human rights held in Ottawa, Canada in 1997 (CEDIH, 2001). In this manifesto, Cuba proclaims its refusal to accept the ban on the use of antipersonnel mines. This act constitutes the only moment in the post-revolutionary period, where Cuba openly opposed the entire world on human rights issues.



  • CEDIH. (2001). Posición de Cuba ante la prohibición del empleo de la mina antipersonal. Ottawa Treaty. Ciudad de La Habana: Centro de Estudios del Derecho Internacional Humanitario. Retrieved 09 23, 2020, from

Technical specifications

Title: Mine.
Year of creation: 2016
Technique: Software, Processing 1.5

  • April 9, 2015. Star Game. Villa Manuela Gallery, Habana, Cuba.

  • February 15, 2015 (as part of HelloWorld proyect). Navigation room of AHS, Pabellón Cuba, Habana, Cuba.

Presentation - Villa Manuela Gallery, Habana, Cuba
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