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2022. Opioid analgesic, Nanotechnological solution

Description and concept:

NANOP is a nano psycho drug used to remove doubt. It is self-administered by the user by pressing a triangular button located on the user’s arm. NANOP is a semisynthetic opioid analgesic made from a combination of nanotechnology and psychoactive drugs, which work together to achieve a powerful effect. The nanotechnology part of NANOP allows it to bypass the blood-brain barrier, delivering a subcomponent as a psychoactive drug named NANOP PYRUM - Nansopropanol directly to the brain. NANOP is incredibly potent and fast-acting. The psychoactive drugs in NANOP work to remove all doubt from the user’s mind. NANOP is the safest and most effective way to help anyone overcome doubt and confidently make decisions.

Technical specifications

Year: 2022
Technique: Opioid analgesic, Nanotechnological solution. Hero video animation (3840x2160), Custom table, Document in a custom format.
Dimensions: Variable, minimum: 3m x 5m

  • December 17, 2022. - Art and Tech Gallery, Tama Art University, Japan.


Direction and concept: Yonlay Cabrera.
Advisor: Akihiro Kubota,  Yukata Nakamura
Animation: Yonlay Cabrera.

Early assets generation: Eduardo Cateura.
Music and Foley: Yurii Radko.
Support: Tama Art University, SideFX.

Hero video - Stills
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