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Prolongation to infinity

2017-ongoing. Construction system.

Description and concept

The project consists of large-scale parametric sculptures, in which Cuban construction norms vis-à-vis the calculation of temporary structures in wood are interpreted (NC, 1988) (NC, 2014), inspired by the Japanese carpentry tradition based on wooden framework systems (Sumiyoshi & Matsui, 1991). Each piece consists of the assembly of a personalized module based on the triangle, following an orthogonal rhythm that expands the shape beyond the body of the structure pointing to infinity, after the investigations of the Cuban-Romanian artist Sandú Darié (Darié, 1950).


  • Darié, S. (1950). Artist´s statement in the Catalog. Estructuras pictóricas. Lyceum Lawn Tenis Club , Havana, Cuba.

  • NC. (1988). NC 53-179 1988, Proyectos de Construcción. Estructuras de madera. Métodos de cálculo. Havana: Oficina Nacional de Normalización (NC).

  • NC. (2014). NC:53-36 2014, Apuntalamientos (Norma de 1978 republicada). Havana: Oficina Cubana de Normalización (NC).

  • Sumiyoshi, T., & Matsui, G. (1991). Wood Joints in Classical Japanese Architecture. Tokio: Kajima Institute Publishing Company.

Technical specifications

Title: Prolongation to infinity
Year: 2017-ongoing
Technique: Construction system. Inkjet Print, CAD projects (4 pieces, framed), Using catalog. 17-M60x10 Module, 18M40 Module.

  • June 7, 2019. As part of the solo show <H1> Hello Tokyo </ h1>. ARTnSHELTER Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.


Direction y concept: Yonlay Cabrera
Civil engineering: Alejandro Velazquez
CAE advisor: Luis Diago
Production: Tama Art University Graduate School, Information Design Department; Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Science (MIMS).

CAD Projects
Catalog of use
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